© 2019 by Elisabetta De Cave


My name is Elisabetta De Cave, I’m a scenographer/designer from Italy currently living in Salzburg, Austria.

With a big passion for handcraft work, I started drawing at a very early age. That’s what convinced me to undertake an artistic course of study and that’s how I ended up graduating in scenography at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome.

I specialised working on different artistic projects using different media, including photography, graphic design and illustration.

Moved by the desire to start a new creative adventure I decided to move to Vienna, where I worked for four years as a Cardboard Designer in the company Papertown. Here I gained a very good knowledge of cardboard material. Through the design and the construction of cardboard objects, ranging between stages, trade shows, room décor and furnitures, I discovered the fantastic possibilities that this material can offer.

Paper, as cardboard, is one of the materials that mostly fascinate me and with big curiosity I’m constantly looking for new techniques to experiment.

Contact me at bettadecave@gmail.com